New Consumer Units / Fuseboard Upgrades

Does your fuseboard look like this? Does it have re-wireable fuses?

Old Fuseboard

Old Style Rewireable Fuseboard

If so, it should be replaced.
All domestic circuits should be protected by an RCD (trip switch) for your safety, in the event of an electrical fault.
Modern consumer units offer you the safety protection required by the 17th Edition wiring regulations.

17th Edition Wiring Regulations Fuseboard

17th Edition Wiring Regulations Fuseboard

Contact us to arrange for a free site visit and a written quotation for a new consumer unit.
We can replace your fuseboard, fully test your installation and issue an NICEIC Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate on completion of the works.


Is your gas meter and water stop cock earthed?  You should be able to see a large green and yellow striped cable and earth clamp at each point.

Gas Meter

Gas Meter With Safety Earthing Bond

If not, this should be done. These earthing cables are an important safety feature of your installation.
Contact us if you are at all unsure if these cables are installed.